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chicken tacos with tomato, jalapeño, and plum salsastep 3 - serve peppermint patties a post it note peppermint patties - step 2peppermint patties - step 1vegetable coconut curry soupbush beans (don't look at me, that's what it says on the seed packet!)Favas with wasabi arugula, hazelnuts, parmesan and grainy mustard vinaigrette pinwheels with pork, spinach, fennel, tomato, and garlicloaded fingerling potatoes with creme fraiche, scallions, and baconbbq chicken pizzatomato and mozzarella saladroasted green tomato and tomatillo salsacinnamon donutsblack jewel tomatoes and giant cherry tomatoes are growing like crazy!whole grilled trout, stuffed with lemon and thymescallions are still growing like monstersperfect jalapenos!pretty flowery thymeHeirloom tomatoes -- these are going to big big ones!spicy globe basil plantstrawberries, cucumber and  tomato salad with bucheretsautéed pea greens and squash blossoms in butter and soypea tendrilssalad with roasted beets, Danish blue cheese, and garlic dijon vinaigretteblackberry, cream cheese, streusel, coffee caketurkey burger with oven fries, gruyère and maple baconstuffed squash blossomssquash blossoms!scallions tempuralemongrass and scallion chicken egg rollscontainer scallions!container radishes!cheese burger with caramelized onions and pepper jack on a brioche rollcaramelized onions - step 4caramelized onions - step 3caramelized onions - step 2caramelized onions - step 1braised red cabbage with ginger and butterbaked butternut squash and camembert cauliflower in anchovy garlic saucechewy molasses cinnamonkale pastaclams with blood orange butter sauce, bacon, croutons, and herbsroasted beet and burrata salad with white balsamic and tarragon vinaigretteglam mac and cheeseroasted peppers and mozzarella sandwichpomegranate jewelsbeef tacos with avocado cream, queso fresco, jalapenos, and pomegranate seedstooletta's honey pecan granola with bananas and blueberriesthai pumkin soup with coconut milk, sweet curry, and lemongrasstoasted pumpkin seedspotato gratin with thyme, shallots, and gruyèrepork tenderloin mummified in prosciutto with thyme, rosemary, and garlicsun gold tomato, pluot, red onion, and cucumber  salad with vinaigrettesummer tempurapan pizza with heirloom tomatoestomato sandwichesduck with plum saucesmoked trout mousse with radishessmoked troutSeriously, c'mon!salmon vermicelli with peas, and spring garlicheirloom tomato salad with peaches and white balsamic vinaigrettefish tacosmini peach and nectarine pie thingiesad-hoc nectarine and cherry piefava and sweet pea toastsquinoa saladbasil panna cotta with cherry saucemilo and the giant peapodmomofuku ginger scallion ramen noodlesapricots, roasted chicken, radishes, & toasted hazelnuts salad with balsamic pear vinaigrettestrawberry crispbasket casezombieno paparazzidiplomatic agreements are metnegotiations with the featherdefiance by the featherbattle of feather pillowtagliatelle, spaghetti squash, prosciutto, pecorino romano, basilmilo discovers a basketjose andres's chicken croquetasstrawberry ice creampork chopspasta with spring veggiesgrilled sardinesroyal osetra caviarspring veggiespretty striped beets